Jeb Bush: ‘It’s not a good day for America’ as Hurricane Harvey passes through US

Jeb Bush said Wednesday that it’s not good for America to have to deal with a hurricane in the middle of a hurricane season.

Bush was responding to a tweet from conservative pundit Steve Bannon who said that Hurricane Harvey is “a bad day for the nation” as it passes through Texas and Louisiana.

Bannon tweeted, “A good day to be a bad day.

The hurricane is coming and it’s a good one for Texas, Louisiana and the whole nation.

I’m not saying we should be happy with the hurricane, but it’s certainly not a bad one for the U.S.”

Bush was referencing the fact that Hurricane Irma struck Florida in September and damaged or destroyed much of the Caribbean island nation.

Billionaire George Soros and other prominent Republicans have repeatedly said that the hurricane will force them to abandon their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which President Donald Trump has called “Obamacare for the people.”

Bush’s tweet came days after he said he was “proud” of his family’s “extraordinary resilience” during Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas last week and destroyed much to the chagrin of many conservatives.

Bush has also been a vocal supporter of the Republican National Committee’s effort to replace Obamacare, which has received renewed attention since the storm, which was expected to be one of the strongest ever recorded.

Biden, who is considered the front-runner for the 2016 presidential race, on Wednesday said he is confident that Trump will be able to enact the GOP’s agenda through the midterm elections.

Binney, who was appointed by Trump to serve as vice president and White House communications director, said Wednesday the Trump administration has made significant progress on the president’s goals.

He also praised Trump for the way he handled the storm.

“The President has been great with the press and he’s really stepped up to the plate.

He’s been very transparent about what’s been happening,” Binney said.

“I’m proud of the way the President handled it.

I think we’ve seen an increase in trust in the White House and the administration.

And he’s shown tremendous leadership on the hurricane.”

Binne’s comments came days before Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas.

He said that while the White Tower was not flooded, “it was a little bit more than you might expect.”

“I was there for a couple of days, and the storm hit Texas at the same time as Louisiana,” he said.