How to use Google Maps on Android (part 1)

Google is launching a new service today to help people find the places they’re looking for.

It’s called Google Maps for Places and it allows users to find places by simply tapping on their location.

The service will only work on Android smartphones, but Google is hoping that its new service will be adopted by more other mobile devices.

It says it’s the first time Google has launched a service that allows users from around the world to use the service.

“With this app, Google is helping people around the globe find places with the help of Google Maps.

For example, you can search for a place on Google Maps, and then you can find it by tapping on the location of your device,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.”

This app will work on all Android devices, including phones and tablets.

The app will also be available for Apple devices and other devices.”

The new service is designed to allow people around Europe to get in touch with locals and to find out what they like to do.

It will also allow Google to give users access to their Google accounts.

Google says it has “very little data” on its users, but it plans to use that data to improve its services.

Google said that it will also offer “maps for places” for those in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

“As part of this partnership, we are providing maps for places that are relevant to you and are free to download and use.

Google Maps is available in the Google Play Store for all Android phones, and it’s also available for tablets and smart TVs,” the spokesperson added.