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Businesses across India are increasingly looking to hire software developers, as demand for the technology and a rising demand for skilled professionals in the technology sector is making it easier for them to recruit and retain developers.

The number of software developers working in India has nearly doubled in the past decade, and over the past three years, the number of coders employed in India increased by 30 percent to more than 7,500.

As of March 2016, about 2.5 million Indians were working in software development, with a total of around 14 million developers across the country, according to the Software Development Institute of India (SDAI).

That means that the number has increased by almost 50 percent in the last three years.

“There’s a huge demand for developers, and there’s also a lot of demand for software developers.

We’re getting more applications, and we’re seeing the demand for our employees growing,” said Anil Jain, founder and CEO of Codecanyon, a Delhi-based software developer portal.

“I think this is the tipping point.

We’ve seen the demand from the beginning.

We have a lot more people applying and they’re coming in for the jobs.”

In a global landscape where there are hundreds of software developer jobs for every 100,000 jobs, Codecanyon’s growth has come at a cost to the jobs of some of its employees.

According to an annual report issued by the SDAI last year, the software development sector in India accounted for 4.8 percent of India’s GDP in 2017.

That’s less than half of the US, where software development accounts for 13 percent of the GDP.

The report also noted that software developers’ wages have been rising faster than inflation.

In the first half of 2017, the median annual salary for software development employees was Rs. 20,000, up from Rs. 11,600 in 2016.

The rising demand also has a downside for the companies that employ them.

“The cost of hiring developers is also rising,” said Ravi Chaturvedi, head of marketing at Codecanyon.

“We’ve got to pay a little bit more for them.

The cost of keeping them is also increasing.”

The growing number of Indian software developers and their demand for new skillsThe number of jobs in India is expected to increase by 25 percent in 2021, according the SBAI.

In a market where there’s a lot going on, it will be difficult for an employer to meet the demand.

“Employers have to look at all these different factors and have to think how do we increase the level of skill and how do I increase the demand,” said Jain.

The growing demand has also led to a shortage of codgers in the country.

According the Software Technology Industry Association of India, the demand in India for software coders is expected as high as 8,000 to 10,000 by 2021.

“The demand is just going to get bigger,” said Chaturvei.

“But I think the software developers are going to be a big part of the solution.”

The rising demands of the software industryThe number in India of software codering jobs has been increasing steadily over the last decade, with the number representing around a third of the workforce, according a study published in 2017 by the Software Developer Magazine.

In 2019, the country employed around 20,700 software coderers, according TOI.

By 2022, the population was projected to grow to more over 25 million.

The software developers employed in the industry make up a major part of India: the Indian IT sector employs more than 15 percent of all software developers in the world, according Microsoft Research.

“It’s a global trend,” said Manish Pankaj, president of the Indian Software Developers Association.

“It’s happening everywhere, but India is probably the largest country where the demand is being driven by the country.”

The Indian software developer marketThe software developers employ more than 80 percent of IT employees in India, according ToI.

According in a 2016 report by SDAT, more than half the software coder jobs in the nation are in the software engineering, development and operations (SE) sector.

The demand for programmers is expected grow to 15.5 percent of total IT workforce in 2021 from 10 percent in 2019, according CIO India, a leading IT outsourcing company.

In 2021, software developers will comprise about 7 percent of this industry, according SDAO.

This will be about 3 million coders by 2022.SDAO’s Jain said the growing demand for coding skills has contributed to a rising vacancy rate in India.

“Our industry is seeing the supply of software engineers increase, which is why demand for programming skills is going up,” he said.

The increase in demand for coders has also contributed to the hiring of new coders.

“Companies are taking the opportunity to hire coders because the market has changed,”