Why is the Premier League a waste of money?

The Premier League is a failure, a disgrace and a joke, according to an analysis by the Premier Sports Business Journal.

The sports business magazine concluded that the league is the most expensive league in the world, costing an average of £1.9 billion per year.

The Football League is also one of the most costly in the sport, but the publication said it is actually cheaper than the Premier league.

The sport business magazine said it found the Premier and Football League in the top three on all four metrics.

The top three cost the league £2.5 billion per season, £1 billion per game and £600 million per year, with the PremierLeague spending an average £1 million per game.

The most expensive sport in the UK is the National Football League, which costs an average $8.5 million per match.

The Premier League and the Football League are both worth £7 billion, according the magazine, which added that the National and Women’s Football Leagues are the most valuable in the sports world.

However, the Sport Business Journal said that the Premier’s popularity is due to the club’s “sustained, sustained investment in the game”.

“This investment is reflected in the Premier having the highest average revenue per attendee in the Premiership, which is worth £8,500 more per attendees than the average attendee of the other Premier Leagues,” it said.

“It is also due to its relatively high profile in the football market, with Premier League games attracting an average audience of 21 million.”

Although the Premier is a successful organisation, the fact remains that it is not profitable, and therefore, a waste for taxpayers.