How to start a new job with J2 job-class consultancy

J2 jobs are the latest venture for jobs and jobs are all about new experiences, said Amit Agarwal, president of the JobClass group, a new category of job-seeking job.

“It’s a huge step to take,” said Agarwals family.

J2s have a strong reputation in India, and its been one of the best-performing start-ups in the country.

JobClass was founded in 2011 by Ajay Mahadev, who has also founded the job-seeker website JobMe and the jobmatching platform Jeevans.

Mahadevi is the cofounder of the Indian-born company, which has over 8,000 employees across more than 400 offices across the country and employs around 15,000 people.

It has more than 3,000 job vacancies on its website.

Job Class has raised $2.9 million in funding, including $2 million from a $25 million seed round from Sequoia Capital.

The company plans to launch in the second half of this year.

Jeeves job-matching app has also made waves with a recent $300 million investment from Sequoiadis Venture Partners.

Its been used by more than 4 million people in India and it has more job openings than LinkedIn and other job-search sites.

The platform has also grown in popularity with employers wanting to hire more than one person at a time, which means it can help them narrow down candidates quickly.

Job Classes platform has attracted more than 10 million users in the past year.

For those looking for an opportunity in the IT industry, JobClass is a great place to start, said Rishi Raghavan, CEO of, which also works with JobClass.

The job-sharing app offers a wide range of job opportunities across the industries, he said.

For example, a recent job posting offered a job in sales and marketing.

“That’s where the user can start working on sales and get paid, while also getting access to marketing and marketing automation,” said Raghavans company.

“They get access to the technology and the skills that they need to be successful.”

JobClass has also taken a leap into digital marketing, offering job-seekers a platform to upload a resume and build a profile.

Job classes is also working on a video-chat platform that is designed to connect job seekers with potential employers and is also expected to be launched later this year, said an employee who asked not to be identified.

Jobs have become a part of India’s job market in recent years.

In the last three years, the number of job openings in the Indian IT industry has risen to a record high of nearly 1.3 million.

A survey conducted by job-finding app Glassdoor in April found that nearly 60 percent of job applicants who had started a job said they had been looking for it for the past six months.

The majority of jobs are for engineers and software developers, with jobs in healthcare and logistics accounting for a large chunk of the jobs available.

But the trend is changing rapidly, as job seekers are turning to social media and other platforms for job openings.

Jobs in the healthcare sector have also seen a rise in job vacancies.

Last year, job vacancies in the health care sector were almost double what they were in 2014.

The number of available jobs in the sector has also increased from less than 10,000 in 2014 to nearly 50,000 now.

Job vacancies have been rising in India since 2010, when the country’s labour market began its economic reforms.

Job seekers are looking for a way to diversify their jobs, and the new jobs offered by JobClass and Jeevians may be a way for them to do so, said Abhishek Pratap, chief executive officer of

Jobseeker app jobs, like Job Class, have also found success in other sectors.

A recent survey conducted for JobSeeker by recruitment firm Kaggle found that 47 percent of Indian job seekers were looking for work in various sectors, including education, business, and healthcare.

“A huge number of jobs have been created in healthcare, which is an area that is very highly sought after in India,” said Rajiv Kumar, chief information officer at JobSeekers.

JobSeeks CEO and founder, Rishi Bhargava, believes that the new platform will be a great fit for jobseekers looking for jobs.

“There is an abundance of talent in the world, and it’s great to have access to jobs in this area,” he said, adding that JobSeeking’s platform is not focused on creating jobs.

Job-seeking platform JobClass, which launched last year, has more 500,000 registered users in over 2 million job listings.

Job class also has a growing following in India.

It had more than 2.7 million users last year and is now valued at more than $1