Laravel 6.5.1 release with php script

An update to Laravel 5.5 and Laravel 4.5 has been announced.

This version includes several performance improvements, bug fixes and bug fixes for users.

A new version of Laravel is now available.

The new version includes the following:The most noticeable new feature is that Laravel now automatically updates all of its packages as soon as the latest Laravel release becomes available.

This new version is also available as a .zip file and is available for download at the following locations:1.

Download the zip file from the download page2.

Unzip the file3.

Move the zip files into the .zip archives folder of your installation of Laraakesthe files in the archive are named:Laravel-6.5-PHP-Script-latest-5.5This version of the Laravel has several new features:Layers are now supported for managing all of your Laravel applications in one place, so your application doesn’t get lost on the way to the next developer sprint.

Laraakesto add new and updated packages, which means you can now create a new Laravel installation, install a new package, and start using that package as your first Laravel application.

In addition, a new Package Manager has been added to the Laraak package manager.

This package manager is designed to make it easy to add, update, remove, and manage your packages.

This version is available as an .apk file, and you can install it from the following location:1, Install the APK files to your desktop2, Install and activate the package manager3, Run the apk files by launching the package management interface4, You will see a new panel with a new menu item, Package Manager5, Choose your package to install6, Choose the package you want to install7, Click on the package to be installedLaraage will now automatically update all of the packages installed on your machine.

This is one of the many new features that make this version of LAMP, Laravel, more than just a PHP framework.

In addition to the performance and stability improvements, this new version also includes several bug fixes.

Check out the release notes for more details.

Source: Laraalabs blog