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NAGPUR, India—When I first arrived here in 2012, my first job was as a web developer for a software company.

It was a small-time gig and my family was not very keen on me, but the pay was decent and I was lucky enough to find work with a large company.

I went to the local college, but as I was getting more comfortable in my job, I realized that my passion for coding had already turned into a career path.

It turned out that my skillset, my love of programming and my interest in education had already been discovered by a big company.

My experience as a young programmer, I wanted to pursue a career in software development.

As the years passed, I learned the ins and outs of various software development jobs and decided to pursue this as a career.

My dream job was a full-time job for a multinational company, where I could do my best to do my work, and I could contribute to the company in any way I could.

However, as I worked for a very large company, I was constantly thinking about the next job I would have.

I was also constantly thinking that if I wanted a better job, it was better to stay at home and learn coding.

I began to think, why not do a job that was very close to my heart?

I had been doing it since I was a child.

I started working as a project manager in a startup in India and after four years, I started to work at an international company.

While doing this job, the salary was much higher than the job I was doing at my previous startup.

After my three years of work, I decided to take a job with a smaller multinational company and continue working at that company.

The salary was better and I decided that I would like to become a software developer.

I also knew that I wanted my career to be with a big multinational company.

So I worked there for three years and came out of it with a lot of money.

I would often think about what I wanted in my next job, and my answer was that I want to be a web development professional, but I want it to be as close to where I started as possible.

I wanted something that would have a very similar experience and I want my salary to be close to that experience.

I thought that, if I was going to become an entrepreneur, I would want a position that was close to the start-up where I worked.

My next big goal was to go to India and study computer science.

I had studied computer science in America but I never wanted to be an Indian engineer, and after three years, my family would not want me to go back to India.

So, I studied computer engineering in America, and then came to India for three months, and that’s when I decided I would study computer sciences in India.

I had a very different experience from my previous employer, and it helped me to understand how the Indian workforce works.

I learned that the work environment was very different from the American work environment.

I learnt that I was very much in control of the environment.

I learned a lot about the culture of my Indian employer and that made me a much better recruiter.

I realised that my family, and the culture that I had grown up in, was not so different from what I grew up in the US.

The culture was very similar.

I decided to study computer engineering and applied for a job at a software startup, but my boss at that startup was very insistent on having me stay with him, and this is when I started learning about India and the software industry.

I found out that India is a very diverse place, and when you come here you learn that the language is not always the same.

My first language is Tamil, and in the company, the language was Gujarati.

My English was poor, so I started studying Hindi and Punjabi.

After three years I went back to my previous job, but it was a very small job.

After three months I realised I was being pushed out of my job because of my accent.

I began to feel like a failure.

I tried my best and worked hard, but still I was not being accepted.

I kept trying to convince my manager, and he continued to push me out of the job.

After two years of trying, I finally decided to leave the job and try my luck as an entrepreneur.

I worked as a software engineer for a company that was hiring, and soon after I started doing my best.

I made a lot more money, but not enough to get back to where my family wanted me to be.

I ended up getting a job working for a large international company, but when I finally got back to work, it turned out the company had closed down and I had to leave immediately.

I got back on my feet, but there were so