Care workers in Australia get free surgery after their employers don’t pay

An Australian company is offering doctors free surgery in exchange for the payment of their salary.

The company, Doctors’ Australia, says that by paying their medical fees in advance, their doctors get to spend their time doing more important work.

They are also paid $50,000 a year for their work, which is funded by a $25,000 government grant.

“Our medical staff are working a job that pays them a minimum of $45,000 per annum, so they are not working long hours, they’re not on overtime,” the company’s website says.

“And our team members earn more than the average wage earner.”

And we are not only paying them for their expertise, we are also giving them the freedom to spend time with their families and spend time working.

“This type of arrangement, which the company calls a “carers tax”, is standard practice in Australia.

In some other countries, however, it is considered to be unfair.

For example, some employers are required to pay staff the equivalent of $35,000 in annual income to their workers in return for them not working overtime.

In the UK, the Royal College of Physicians has warned that employers should be “extremely careful” about using this kind of tax to pay for staff’s medical care.

The Royal College also says that the practice of paying the equivalent in advance of medical work is “unlawful, unethical and wrong” and that there is “little justification” for it.

The Australian Government has yet to respond to the concerns raised by Doctors’ Australians.