How to run the sblm root module on Laravel 5.5

With Laravel 7, the sBLM module will be deprecated.

The sBLMe module was also removed, as it is no longer necessary.

However, there is still a sBLmRoot module that provides the functionality for accessing the sBlM root.

Here’s how to use this module: Laravel 4.4.2+ (or 5.2.2+) is required.

You’ll also need to add a sblM_root to your $env: LANGUAGE=en_US; LANG=en-US; SBLM_ROOT_CLASS=sblMroot JESSE_URL= $env = LANGUR + ‘^sBLm.root’; $sbls = $env[‘sBLMsettings’]; $sbs = new \SBLM\Root\sbs(); $sms = new SBLMe\RootSMS(); $data = new Data\DataCollection(); $mw = new Mw(); $mydata = $mws[1]; $mytable = $data->createTable($data->name, $data ->name, 1); $mydb = new MyDb(); $db = $myserver(); $f = $smlmroot_run($mydata, $mbs, $mysql, $table, $file); $fp = $fp->connect($db); If you use a version of Laravel less than 5.3.2, you’ll also want to install the sbme module.

For more information on using sblme, please visit the documentation.