When the New York Times’ Job Class Pays

By KATHY JEALOUSYThe New York Post’s Job Class job class pays $1,000 a month for full-time, full-year work.

And the Post has a new post on how to earn the gig. 

If you are looking to take a leap of faith and earn $1 million a year, the post says, the following is the path you can take. 


Work for a non-profit. 

The Post said it’s no secret that nonprofits are “often underpaid and understaffed, and they’re often staffed by people who are not as talented or ambitious as the people at a traditional newspaper.” 

The way to make more money and make the most of your time, the Post says, is to become a full-stack, full time employee at a nonproprietary nonprofit. 


Be a mentor. 

A post on the nonprofit job class explains that the post-post-reform job is to “adopt a model that helps you understand your profession and then help you achieve your own goals.” 


Learn how to get a job at a nonprofit.

The post said, “Start small.

Understand the basic rules and responsibilities of your new role, and start working toward those goals.”

4. “

Learn how you can leverage those skills and experiences to become the most effective member of the team.” 


Start networking. 

It says you should “follow up with those you work with, but also to be willing to work with people you haven’t met before, or with people who you’ve only heard about through your network.” 


Go out and do something. 

When you are a full time job class participant, you will “be given the opportunity to help others as they navigate the job market.” 


Become an entrepreneur. 

As a full job class job participant, the person who “has the experience and the ability to leverage their knowledge and experience to make a real difference in the lives of others” will be “given a platform to speak directly to people in their field and give them a voice.” 


Get a better job. 

Once you’ve done this, you can expect to make “at least $500,000 and a median annual income of $75,000” in your lifetime. 


Take out a loan. 

Loan repayment will be a “key part of your post-graduation journey,” the post said. 


Create a portfolio of skills and experience. 

To help you do this, the New Jersey-based Post said to “learn and develop a portfolio” of “your career and personal assets, such as: skills that have made you a successful entrepreneur, like your knowledge of market strategies, a network of friends and colleagues, and a deep knowledge of what it means to build and maintain a successful business.” 


Write a blog. 

In addition to the Post job class post, it’s worth checking out a post on LinkedIn for full job classes, too. 

 For example, a post titled “How to Become a Full-Stack, Full-Year Employee at a Nonprofit” reads, “You should have a solid grasp of basic concepts, like basic accounting principles, sales tactics, and business planning, as well as a desire to learn and practice these skills.

You should also be motivated to learn the latest trends in business, technology, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.” 


Find an internship. 

This is one of the posts where the Post offers advice to “people who are considering a career change” because it “may be possible to work for a nonprofit and earn a small stipend for a few months at a time.” 


Ask a friend. 

Also a good place to start, the posts on LinkedIn and Pinterest suggests starting “a Facebook group for people looking to get together and work together.” 


Make some friends. 

These posts are more geared towards people who want to learn from the pros, and “to meet people in different fields of expertise, from business and technology to creative.” 


Pick a company. 

While the post recommends “joining an accelerator,” it says you can also take on “a full-size role at a small nonprofit or start your own.” 


Apply to the New Media Jobs List. 

According to the post, “A recent survey of more than 4,500 U.S. journalists showed that fewer than 10% have received a full position offer from a large media company.” 


Join a blog to get your foot in the door. 

There are plenty of jobs out there that “can be a step