Nagpur and SBLMrootjés2 shut down in bid to clear up India job vacancies

A group of job seekers have staged a protest against the two-day shutdown of the Indian job recruitment website SBLMRootjés, a major portal for job seekers.

The protest has taken place in front of the offices of SBLMCor, the national recruitment agency for job candidates, in Nagaur on the outskirts of Delhi. 

SblMrootJes2 has not yet responded to the protest, The Times of India reported.

The protest was organised by SBCP, a coalition of civil society organisations including the All India Workers Federation (Aiwa) and the Indian Workers Union (IWA). 

The group has called on the Indian government to make it easier for jobseekers to get jobs.

The Delhi-based IWA has also called for a halt to the closure of SBLmRootJes. 

The protest is in support of the two workers who have lost their jobs after SBLMCOR blocked their websites. 

“The shutdown of SblMRootJés2 has resulted in a large number of jobseekers losing their jobs, SBMR director Rajesh Singh said. 

A similar situation has happened in SBlMCor,” he added. 

Singh told the news agency that job vacancies were not being filled. 

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the Indian Express newspaper, about 60,000 jobs were posted for the new graduates and those candidates have been posted. 

Some job seekers are facing a dilemma over the lack of jobs. 

There are also fears that some of the new jobs are not being distributed to the best candidates. 

 Sandra, a job seeker from Mumbai, said that she had applied for three jobs.

However, she was not able to find a job as there was a shortage of qualified candidates for the three positions. 

One job applicant from Hyderabad told The Indian Express that there was not enough qualified candidates available for the jobs posted.

“If there is no qualified candidate, the company will close down,” the applicant said.