When you’re not working on your blog, you can still make money from blogging

With the jobless rate at 16% in India, and the Indian economy struggling to get back on its feet, many people are looking for a way to make money while keeping their eyes open.

But not everyone is a freelancer.

Jobclass, a job-hunting website that has been in the news recently, has launched a new job class called JES2, which allows jobseekers to apply for jobs in different categories including social media, business, software development, design and more.

“We’re all looking for different things, but this job class has been really cool for us to have,” Jobclass founder and chief executive officer Sanjay Kumar said.

“A lot of people who are applying for a job in India for the first time will not even know what they want.

We think that is an opportunity.”

Jobclass offers a variety of opportunities in the area of social media.

“There are jobs that you can apply for that involve social media in some way, such as being a social media manager or social media consultant,” Kumar said, adding that the job class would also help people find other work that might be more challenging.

Jobseekers who apply for a particular position will be given an email address and the option to find a job online.

For example, if you want to become a designer, you might receive an email from Jobclass with a link to a job listing.

“As we build up a customer base, we will start adding jobs,” Kumar added.

“But this job is specific to us and not a generic job listing.”

For now, Jobclass has only been around for a few months.

It has already seen over 1,000 applicants, but Kumar said it would soon expand to provide jobs to a wider group of people.

“You could potentially find jobs for people who you would never have thought of if you weren’t a job seeker,” Kumar told Quartz.

“Jobseekers in India are getting a lot more information about their options and this job helps them to understand more about what their options are.”

With more people finding work online, there will also be a need for more resources for job seekers.

The job class will be available to everyone who wants one, but there are also some specific requirements that need to be met.

“People have to have some sort of experience in a specific field,” Kumar explained.

“The kind of experience that a person has to have that they would be able to do the job is not necessarily the same as a job.

A lot of these jobs are very demanding.”

The company also aims to make sure that people don’t get discouraged.

“If they don’t like the job, we are not going to hire them,” Kumar promised.

“They can just come back to us.”

Jobseekers need to have at least six months of experience working in the social media space, and it will be open to everyone in the world, he added.

However, he also noted that Jobclass would be more suitable for people from lower income groups.

“In India, the unemployment rate is much higher than in other countries.

So, if we could help people who have a higher income, we would be doing the right thing,” Kumar pointed out.