‘Saved My Life’: How ‘The Hobbit’ Inspired My Life as a Mommy’s Pet’

Posted February 14, 2018 05:18:23I was so lucky to get my first Hobbit book, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” back in December.

My son, Ethan, has since had a number of Hobbit books, but this was his first one that he read.

As I sat reading, I could tell he was hooked, especially the opening pages.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be his first parent to read a book with such a wonderful, wonderful story.

He even liked it.

As a mommy, I have seen many of my kids’ favorite books with the Hobbit series on them.

They’re just so good.

I have even seen the first Hobbit movie, “Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies,” and Ethan’s son was in awe of it.

And it was only after he got the book and the movie that I saw him smile when he read it.

I don’t know how my son would have responded to it if he had read it at all.

His reaction would have been a bit different.

He might have laughed at the story, or yelled out, “That’s not a book for a 10-year-old!

You can’t do that!”

But this was a book that Ethan was reading for his son to read and he loved it.

He would come home from school to open the books to see his father and read about all the adventures that they had had together in the Hobbit world.

So when he saw this story, he knew he wanted to know more about the characters and all the stories and all their history.

I have heard a lot of parents say that they don’t understand the fascination of reading books.

I do too.

I know a few parents who have read the Hobbit books and have never liked them, and they have been upset because they are boring.

And I am sure that many parents would agree with me, too.

So I asked my husband to read one of the books that he loves and that he was reading at home.

I knew that it was not for Ethan, so I just read the book to him.

He enjoyed it.

We were both excited, but he didn’t seem to mind the book.

He was just intrigued.

When we went to pick it up later, I was glad that we had picked up this book for him.

It was so cool to see that it actually did come with a special gift: a handmade handmade Hobbit poster for him and his family.

It was also wonderful to read about his favorite character, Bilbo Baggins, and his adventures.

I really enjoy reading about the character, and I wanted to learn more about how he got his name.

But it was really interesting to read more about Bilbo, and it was also exciting to learn that he is not the only Hobbit.

And he is a bit of a character himself.

He also wanted to read the books in the original languages, but I had no idea what the books were in those languages.

When I found out, I asked him.

I told him that he could read the original books in those other languages and he would be delighted.

I also told him about the Hobbit novels that he had picked.

I love reading books, and one of my favorite things is to read with my children.

When they were little, I would ask them to read together in Spanish, French, and English.

But then I would give them different books, to try out different languages.

This year, my husband is planning to do a lot more reading with his children, but the Hobbit trilogy is one of his favorites.

And I love reading the books with my daughter, because she is also a reader.

So we go out to dinner and read in Spanish.

I think we get to a certain level of understanding when we read together.

It helps our conversation.

And when we are reading with them, it helps them connect with the characters, too, because it is the only way they can relate to them.

We will be going back to my husband’s book club at our home.

We want to read all the Hobbit stories together, and we are excited to be doing that.