Geolocalized Job Board Script

When Amazon’s price cuts hit home: Where does it hurt most?

A look at Amazon’s impact on jobs.The price cuts have hit Amazon’s largest and most profitable division hard.Amazon said Wednesday that its latest round of price cuts, including the $99 price hike, will save about 7,500 jobs across the US.But those job losses could still be reversed if Amazon can find ways to save more […]

Nagpur’s JobClass codecanyon: What you need to know

In December, we wrote about JobClass, a new startup incubator in Nagpur that specializes in job-sharing platform JobStarter.JobStarters, a platform for job seekers to create job listings and get paid, has been available in India for a few months.Now JobClass has launched in India, with its JobStarts job platform, which has attracted the attention of […]

NFL players’ union president wants NFLPA to ‘stop blaming” the game for deaths

FOX Sports reports that NFL players have filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, demanding the NFL stop blaming the game and blaming the players’ deaths on it.The class action suit alleges the league is violating the players collective bargaining agreement, the Players Safety Act, the NFL Players’ Association, the National Labor Relations Board, […]

‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ star Dibakar Debnath, who was recently hired by ‘Bollywood’ is being employed by a startup for a year-and-a-half

Bharat Mata ki Jai, the actor-turned-director-turned-“Bollywood” star Dabbabhadra Debnathan has been hired by a software company for a month-and a-half.Dabbabhit, who plays an engineer in the Bollywood-centric film, is a former film student who has a knack for the visual arts and was previously in the film business.His work on “Bharatiya Gaon”, the B.R. Aamir […]

Why do you need to run a jobclass?

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