Geolocalized Job Board Script

Man found dead in his car with bullet wound at codecanyon mall

A man found dead Friday in a car in the mall parking lot of the popular codecanyon, Calif., shopping complex has been identified as 37-year-old Juan Pablo Soto.Police said they believe Soto killed himself.The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. in the parking lot between a Starbucks and a CVS.Soto, of Irvine, Calif.was a certified nursing […]

Adobe Flash Player 9.7.9, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe AIR, Adobe XCore 2.0 and more, are on the way

The Adobe Flash team has released the latest Adobe Flash version for Mac, PC and Linux, Adobe Flash Professional (FFP), and other platforms.Adobe Flash Player 10 is now available in the Apple App Store and is available for download at the following locations:Adobe’s latest Flash update has been released for Mac and PC, and Adobe […]

How Microsoft’s AI workforce is shrinking as companies seek automation

As Microsoft’s artificial intelligence workforce shrinks, companies are turning to automation for cheaper labor, according to a report from, an online job search platform.“The growing importance of artificial intelligence in today’s workforce is clearly showing,” the report reads.“Many companies are now looking for ways to lower costs and increase efficiency, and the need for […]

When it comes to ‘jobclass’, Google is all about “jobclass”, according to the official blog of the company’s search giant

The jobclass keywords have been around for some time now.The search giant first started using them in the early 2000s, and now employs a team of over 100 people to ensure they are always in use.But with Google’s announcement today that it will be using “job class” for the first time in its job listing […]

How the Pentagon’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ of Jobclass contractors work to ‘lend their skills to the next generation’

A group of Pentagon contractors has been awarded a $12.6 million contract to develop a cybersecurity-related cybersecurity program.The Army National Guard Office of Inspector General (ANSIG) announced the award on Thursday to the Army’s Cybersecurity and Information Systems Center (CSIC), a cybersecurity unit based in the Fort Meade, Maryland, Army Base.The project was awarded to […]

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