Geolocalized Job Board Script

Why does the Saudi Arabian government keep using the words ‘slave’ and ‘trafficker’?

Saudi Arabia has used the term “slave” and “trafficking” in a series of official announcements about the country’s crackdown on people who try to leave the kingdom, in a move which is likely to further inflame a deepening political crisis.The use of the term, which Saudi officials and human rights groups have used to describe […]

How to create a job with PHP JobClass 3

The PHP job class 3.5 is coming to PHP-Core.This job class was created by my friend, Paolo Zanni, in PHP-Codebase 1.6.0.You can find more details about it at The job class is intended for use with the PHP Job class 3 job class.The jobclass is a wrapper around the PHP job object.It lets you […]

Which companies are doing better or worse than last year?

Business Insider/Getty Images/ReutersBusiness Insider/Reuters/GettyImages 1 of 6 Business Insider / Getty Images 2 of 6Business Insider / AFP/Getty 3 of 6AP Photo/David Goldman 4 of 6Getty Images 5 of 6Bloomberg / Getty 6 of 6Associated PressBusiness Insider via Getty ImagesGetty Images 1 / 6 Business 101Business Insider Business Insider is a USA TODAY content partner […]

All The Things You Should Know About PHP 5.3: The Latest Patch Now Available

A security patch released late last week that addresses a variety of vulnerabilities has been rolled out to all affected versions of PHP.This means that even if you’ve not been using PHP 5 in the past, you should update to the latest version.The patch will likely affect any version of PHP that’s already released, as […]

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